Wheatbags Love | EYE PILLOW | Soothing Lavender | Australian Wattle



 Lovingly handmade by the talented 'Wheatbags Love'. A wonderful team of women working out of a studio in Melbourne where everything is made by hand, using all-natural and organic materials. 

This bright and eye catching eye pillow is packed full of aromatic organic lavender and is 100% cotton. 

The eye pillow comes beautifully packaged in its own stunning gift box, perfect as a stand alone gift or as an accompaniment to our candle and hamper ranges.

Useful for sore eyes, headaches, sinuses and migraines. Also great for helping you relax and get to sleep as the weight on your eyes helps to tell your brain to slow down and relax.


Use at room temperature by lying down and placing the eye pillow over your eyes.

HEAT: Place in the microwave for no more than 30-60 seconds.

FREEZE: Store in the freezer to be used like an ice pack.

Contains: Organic dried lavender and Australian wheat.

This listing is for one eye pillow only.

Approximately 21 cm long x 8 cm wide when laid out flat.

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